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그늘을 산 총각 The Boy Who Bought the Shade Under the Tree

"그늘을 산 총각"
"The Boy Who Bought the Shade Under the Tree"
Edition of 300
옵셋 Offset

6,000원 (KRW)
979-11-967188-3-1 [07650]
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There are similar stories about the weak and poor giving the people with power and wealth a hard time in the folk tales of many countries in the world. It seems to be an expression from the ordinary people who want to giggle and laugh at something that is impossible in real life. Children are in a pretty much same position as there is not much they can do in real life and they don’t have any power in grown-up’s world. And maybe that’s the reason why children are easy to relate them to the ordinary heroes in the old stories. The main characters of traditional stories usually have no personality, no probability, no context, nothing but just a series of the actions that makes a series of events, and everything happens very quickly. "So, what happened next?" is the core of the old stories, and that’s what I love about the folk tales. Therefore, the characters themselves are not that important, so in this book, all the characters are drawn flat like the shadows.
I have been interested in how the physical form of a book becomes part of the actual story of the picture book, therefore, I tried to extend the story by the accordion format."The Boy Who Bought the Shade Under the Tree" is a popular Korean old folk tale which is even included in the Korean elementary school text book. I hope my readers enjoy the surprises and fun that this book can give.

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