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여름 협주곡 Summer Concerto-Suzy Lee solo exhibition

안녕하세요. 이수지입니다. 
신간 <여름이 온다>(비룡소 2021) 출간에 맞추어 개인전 소식이 있어서 알립니다. 
시간되실 때 전시 와주시면 기쁘겠습니다.

Suzy Lee solo exhibition "Summer Concerto"
4th August- 19th September
Albus Gallery, Seoul

Albus Gallery, a gallery dedicated to illustrations, is presenting first solo exhibition by picture book artist, Suzy Lee. The exhibition unveils the original illustrations and new book for her latest work 『Summer』 for the first time ever, along with the photos contained in her internationally-acclaimed debut picture book 『Alice in Wonderland』.

Works by picture book artist Suzy Lee have earned international accolades and honors, including a special mention at the Bologna Ragazzi Awards, an Honor Book Award at the Boston Globe–Horn Book Awards, and being listed among the New York Times’ Best Picture Books, further solidifying her status as a master of the picture book genre. The artist has created a world of her own, transcending the boundary between fantasy and reality, by drawing on “theatrical” devices and layered structures, which make the readers feel the same way as when waking up from a lucid dream.

For her latest work 『Summer』, she drew inspiration from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd movements of Summer, from Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons (Le quattro Stagioni) and incorporated the tempo and timing of each movement. By portraying children who are having fun playing with water in the middle of the summer to the passionate tune, and by alternating the image of a child braving a rain storm with signs of a storm approaching, she expands it into a picture book with more vibrancy. The notes on sheet music gather like water drops jumping up and down, splashing cool streams of water and signaling the beginning of summer.

This exhibition also presents her philosophical views on the books she has explored as a picture book writer and artist, original works that have never been seen before, other unreleased works, and the sketches, dummy books, and videos that take us into her creative process.

이수지 개인전 <여름 협주곡 Summer Concerto>
전시일정: 2021.08.04-2021.09.19
전시장소: 알부스 갤러리 (서울시 용산구 한남대로 28길 26)
전시 소개 영상

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*출간+전시와 함께 전시 첫 날인 8월 4일 저녁 7시에 네이버 라이브 책방 북토크합니다.
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<여름이 온다> 책 소개:

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