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<강이 River> in IBBY Honour List 2020

2020 IBBY 어너리스트 발표
60개 언어 179권
한국 KBBY 글 부문/김중미 작가(꽃고양이)
일러스트레이션 부문/ 이수지 작가(강이)
번역부문 /김서정 번역가 (100 인생그림책)

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Lee, Suzy

Text by the artist
Seoul: Bir Publishing, 2018
[73pp]; 160x220mm
ISBN: 978-89-491-1374-6, Ages: 5+
Family, stray dog

Inspired by a true story,
Kang-yi tells the unforgettable encounter between Suzy Lee and her children with a black dog in search of a home. The dog, named River, was saved and welcomed with love.
He became a companion in games and adventures, which come to life on paper through simple and immediate lines. The white of the pages leaves room for the reader’s imagination. The reader is immersed in River’s story and his way of seeing the world: we dive with him in the snow or in a pile of leaves, we become part of the family, and through his point of view we experience happiness and friendship, as well as expectation and nostalgia. Memories of River have been put together for this picture book, using sketches from real life.

Suzy Lee was born in Seoul in 1974. She studied painting and book art in Korea and England.She took a draft of her Master’s project, Alice in Wonderland, to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and it was published by Edizioni Corraini in 2002.n Her next book Mirror became the first of three books: Mirror (2003), Wave (2008) and Shadow (2010) known as the Border Trilogy. Her picture books have received international acclaim. Wave was selected for the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book 2008, as well as for the IBBY Silent Books Honour List in 2013. Shadow was also selected as the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book 2010 as well as the Premio FNLIJ, Brazil and Premio Albumilustrado, Gremio de Libros de Madrid, Spain. She has also illustrated works for other authors, Urineun Beolgeosungi Hwaga (We are naked painters, by Seungyeon Moon, 2005) and Open This LittleBook (by Jesse Klausmeier, 2013). She was Finalist for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2016.

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