Illustrations for Others' Books


Shadow is My Friend
Author: Jung-Sun Park
Publisher: Chondung Books, Seoul, Korea (2008)/ ISBN 978-89-90025-59-3


Open the Door!
Author: Jung-Sun Park
Publisher: BIR, Seoul, Korea (2008)/ ISBN 978-89-491-5171-7

  the naked painters

The Naked Painters
Author: Seung-Yeon Moon
Publisher: Chondung Books, Seoul, Korea (2005)/ ISBN 89-90025-09-5

French rights sold: Éditions Sarbacane, France, 2008

  red riding hood

Little Red Riding Hood
Author: Brothers Grimm (Traslated by Ho-Sang Jo)
Publisher:, Seoul, Korea (2004)/ ISBN 89-01-04314-9<0104>
Taiwan rights sold, 2004

  Deaf Raccoon in Korean Modern Author Series
Author: Seok Baek
Publisher:, Seoul, Korea (1999)/ ISBN 89-01-02817-4
French rights sold: Autre Temps, France, 2007
  Run Rudy!

Run Rudi!
Author: Uwe Timm
Publisher: Changbi, Seoul, Korea (1999)